Friday, May 10, 2013

#3 - Write, Produce and Perform my own Cabaret Show

Well, it's official folks. Many of you already know that, but now it's REALLY official because I am announcing it on the blog!

I will be performing my very own cabaret show this summer in the Capital Fringe Festival. For those of you who don't know about the Fringe Festival, they take place all across the world at different times. If you watch the TV show, SMASH, you have seen a little bit about the NY Fringe Festival - though it may have been a slightly unrealistic portrayal. In DC it is a huge festival with about 130 acts that takes place during the month of July at various venues all over the DC area. It is an opportunity for both new and seasoned performers to put forth their most original, raw and honest work. It is an absolutely crazy experience and I am doing it!!! This really is a dream come true.

Today is a big deadline for all of us Fringe artists - marketing forms are due! This is a hard deadline too - if everything is not in hand by 5pm today, then your show doesn't get publicized on the Fringe website or in the Fringe festival guide. Talk about pressure!!

I thought I would celebrate this deadline by sharing some of the information that I have to submit today with all of my blogging friends. So, sit back, relax and prepare to learn a little more about my show.

First of all, that's the image for my show. It will go on the website and all my promotional materials. It is amazing and I am so in love with it and so grateful to my friend who created it for me. If you need a great graphic designer - let me know! She is amazing!!!

The title of my show is Almost Together. And here is the description as it will appear in the Fringe Festival Guide:

One woman’s uncommon love affair with bipolar disorder.
A lifetime of struggle with mental illness in 60 minutes. Witness the sheer elation, despair, utter hopelessness, humor and triumph that all play a part in bipolar disorder. Celebrate the raw and joyous truth through song and story.

The show opens July 12th at midnight and if you want to get all the updates then you can check out my website and follow me on facebook.

That is all the information for today - just enough to whet your appetite and keep you tuning in for more.

Happy Weekend Everyone!!

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